JUEL Group P.L.C. operates from Malta and is the holding company of the Group, which operates in a range of sectors being, property development, residential letting and hospitality. Our aim is to provide quality accommodation and related services.

Adrian Muscat began his career as a property consultant, then moved on to project management. As a founding member and director of Gap Holdings Limited, Adrian Muscat has led the project team responsible for on-site management of the projects undertaken by Gap Group since 2001. Since then, he has been involved in several property development projects relating to the development of residential units in the Maltese Islands.

Adrian Muscat is the son of the late George Muscat who is the ultimate beneficial owner of 50% of Bay Street Holdings Limited and he himself is an indirect minority shareholder of same company. Bay Street Holdings Limited operates be.Hotel, Bay Street Shopping Mall and the Hyatt Regency hotel. Adrian Muscat is the majority shareholder of the JUEL Group P.L.C., which is involved in the development of real estate in Malta and will be expanding into the hospitality sector through the development of a branded 4-star hotel.

Our aim is to pursue the reputable patrimony, with the aim of growth within a sustainable environment.